Nowadays Perl isn’t the sexiest language on the internet. But it is, and has been for a long time, my favorite scripting language. Not that I’m a perfect programmer in Perl, not by a long shot. But I’m far more at ease with Perl than with something like Node-JS.

For some time now I have been doing administration work in our Microsoft 365 tenant. Used Powershell for that mostly. But lately MS Graph is pushed a bit as the way to do things in the tenant. So, I started learning to do things with MS Graph API calls and learned that it is nothing more than HTTP requests made to an endpoint. Like getting weather info from the “Buienradar API“.

Examples I found kinda always tend to use Node-JS. And I did get some work done using that. But Node-JS is awkward to me, going back to Perl felt like coming home.

This is, will be, a series of articles describing my quest to get “things” working in Perl. You can see my code on

Stay tuned for more.

Articles in this serie

App registration in Azure.: Nothing goes in Azure without a registration. Not the most fun part, but necessary to get things going.

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