This site is a mess…

Let’s face it: this site is a mess.

It never came off the ground after a decided to use WordPress. Fooling around with stuff like multi language support has not done it any good. Problem was/is that I spend more time on other people’s sites than my own. Time to change a few things. Time to start doing what I like: post stuff about technical problems I encounter.

I made myself a todo list:

  • Check the relevance of  “old stuff” I wrote which still seems to turn up on google. Like a piece I wrote in something like 2004 about Slackware’s init system. To my surprise I found a reference to it in the AOLS FAQ file.
  • Write more on stuff like my old skool backup system. I made something like rdiff backup. I used stuff you normally already use, like cp and rsync. (To be honest… never heard of rdiff backup until after I wrote it)
  • Don’t worry about language… just do english like I did before.
  • Don’t worry about SEO… just write.
  • In general have more fun with it.

Lets see where this brings me…. here goes nothing 😀

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